Volunteer Academy: IVAH | Hartenberg

International Volunteering Academy of Hartenberg was established in 2010, which happened only because of volunteers attempting this interests group. Its main task is to spread volunteering activities in the region as well as organize international projects otgether with Civic Association Hartenberg .
Currently, there is approximately twenty of members, helping to prepare international activities, coordinate partnerships with non-profit organizations in their countries, translate these websites into their mother tongues, create e-newsletter HeART Echo, promote Hartenberg the castle and volunteering in general by making information materials etc.
If you want to join us, please contact us: hartenberk(at)gmail.com.
Volunteer! Make a difference.
(official slogan of European Year of Volunteering 2011)

Members of IVAH:


Salomon Tarangov Abushakra (Mexico)

helps to run volunteering projects and events.

"I'm really crazy, wild and a party animal. I'm nice, charming and pretty energic, like tnt in blood. I want to help the castle and see it finished and meet some old friends."

Zuzana Aligerová (Czech Republic)

translates websites.

"So what about me – I love crazy things, people. I am active and I hope we can safe this world, doing small or big things. I want to be everywhere. Art is the big gun. Hey, everything you want to know about me – ask me, maybe I'll answer you. Be original."

Antonio Bove (Italy)

takes photos and make videos, helps to prepare events.

"I love Hartenberg because I feel here like at home. I can work with everything connected generally with arts and espetially photos and videos. I like so much languages, I have already known Italian, French, Spanish and English, but every occasion to study something more make me happy. My dream is to speak fluently also German and Portugese, which I studied a little. I’m frightened to fly... I was in Hartenberg always by car..."


Thibault Brunner (France)

translates, coordinates a partnership between Hartenberg and France.

 "I take part in workcamps every summer since I was 18. Each experience is so unique but Hartenberg was THE workcamp. I am a positive person, open to people and different cultures. I play the guitar and enjoy cycling. A verb leads my life: TO DISCOVER!"


Chloé Le Floc'h (France)
translates websites, helps to organize projects and events.
"I dream of the day Hartenberg's castle will be rebuilt. This would mean that all people in this academy have fought for it has become a reality! That's why, since I came back from that place to my country, I've felt like having a new goal in my life: to do as much as I can do with my hands, with my heart so that this project could be achieved one day. I really fell in love with that place and, when you are 19, falling in love is so rare that I just can't let this feeling, this castle down!"
Gergő Gulyás (Hungary)
translates, helps to organize events.
"I was acquainted with the castle in 2010 during my Erasmus. I took part in the St. Nicholas Ride, which I enjoyed a lot, as I made great friends and gained experiences. I could see how committed everybody was about rebuilding Hartenberg. It really deserves to be emphasized, as that place is just picturesque with the environment. I'm interested in "old things" in all the meanings, as I studied geology and also some archaeology. Hope to return asap and be a valuable member."
Irina Idrisova (Russia)

translates the websites, takes photos, helps to organize events.

"I came as EVS volunteer to the Czech Republic to volunteer with INEX-SDA. After visiting Hartenberg for the first time, I completely fell in love with the castle, area and people. I was participating in Hartenberg workcamps and events. I adore the atmosphere in Hart and hope to come here more often."

Libor Kočí (Czech Republic)

takes photos and videos, helps to prepare events and projects.

"Cognitive signs: Wearing a business suit with the camera on the neck, I do understand English."

Olga Korol (Ukraine)

organizes International Theatre Festival-Workshop Hartenberg.

"I'm a very nice and active person. I like a bit crazy people. I love life in all forms. I want to change our world to be better. The art will save the life! When I want, I can realize everything."


Irena Pajerová (Czech Republic)

organizes projects and events, writes texts, makes websites.

"I love Hartenberg because we are all one big family!help to organize international activities, administrate websites and publish e-newsletter. I also volunteer in some non-profitable organizations, preparing cultural and film festivals. I teach English and Czech, sometimes German. I work with both children and youngsters. I like cycling, jogging and yoga. I want to try zumba!"

Olga Pluháčková (Czech Republic)

creates graphics, helps to prepare events.


Adéla Rudá (Czech Republic)

writes articles, translates, interprets and helps elsewhere.

"I just don’t like talking about myself. When we meet you can ask me anything. I like all unusual, strange and weird things then it feels like life can sometimes be original. I don’t like planning since it always happens another way, anyway. I love Hartenberg 'cause this place is unusual and open to anyone and anything!"

Dobrosława Rurańska (Poland)

helps to create graphics.

Petr Soběslavský (Czech Republic)

creates and administrates websites, helps to organize projects and events.


Murat Soğancilar (Turkey)

translates, helps to organize projects and rebuild the castle.

"I hadn't got any idea which place could be similar to heaven, but then I found the answer: Hartenberg. During the 1-month workcamp, I met so many amazing friends, and I had a chance to interact with its wonderful nature and the castle. I hope I could come there again to give my effort to finish the castle in the future. We are so much powerful to put out the fires when getting together."

Georg Schröder (Germany)

translates, helps to organize events.

"I came to Hartenberg during my Erasmus semester and helped organizing the Burning Witches Day, what was surprisingly familiar to me as I was born in a village just a few kilometers over the German border. I would really love to see the castle rebuilt, and liked the people there very much. I hope I can come back asap and help."


John Tohill (Severní Irsko)

proofreads and corrects articles and texts on websites.

"I was at Hartenberg during the summer of 2009 and I had the most amazing two weeks of my life! I hope to help Hartenberg through proofreading all English documents so as many people as possible can hear about the work being achieved at Hartenberg and come volunteer to help. I love metal music and go to as many concerts in Ireland as I can. I hope to travel again in the coming years, and I'll make sure Hartenberg is one of the places I visit!"

Jakub Zigo (Slovakia)

coordinates EVS projects, prepare grants, organizes projects and events.