Projects | Hartenberg

Our retentive endeavor of restoration and re-use of the castle and its surroundings comprises a lot of short-termed as well as long-termed projects and activities, mainly as following:

Reconstruction of the castle and its surroundings:

building works, archaeological research

historical research

building restoration and implementation of complex projects



Environmental projects:

the life in the third century - local, regional, supra-regional, global

Days and Weeks For Earth, conferences, work brigades and workshops, mowing meadows, winding up invasive plants
rehabilitation and maintenance of the landscape, mapping, planning and strategy

Volunteering projects:

With a great help of INEX-SDA, we organize several projects every year. We started in 2000.

Volunteers can participate in workcamps, envirocamps or artcamps.



Only a few young people came to Hartenberg for the first time. Nowadays, there are dozens of participants who are willing to help rebuilding the castle and its surrounding park, or help to document and capture the scenic environment rack.


Educational projects:

from the smallest children through high school and college ones to seniors

workshops, seminars and conferences

Hartenberg Casual School, environmental education, Days of CZ Forests etc.

Cultural projects and events:

Hartenberg Scare, St. Nicholas Ride

artcamps, exhibitions, concerts and theatre

crafts, international cooperation and exchanges etc.


Resocialization projects:

individual and group projects to renew the cultural and natural heritage, PMS, GIC etc.