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Happy New Year 2014

01. January, 2014

We wish you a safe passage to the new year 2014, and a lot of nice surprises on the other side. Looking forward to meeting you at a visit of the castle, or any of the events we organize.

The biggest event - Holy Mass, after 67 years

15. August, 2012

On the feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Wednesday 15 August 10 a.m. a hundred worshipers attended the most important ceremony of the castle in recent years. After 67 years, Mons. Josef Žák served in the first mass in Hartenberg.

The procession from the castle to the municipal market place again

30. April, 2012

Riders on horseback, flag bearers and behind them old women  witches in a cage, or tied on chains, and jugglers and unsympathetic aristocracy  and the procession again, among flowering cherries, from the castle towards the village to give high flames their annual prey.

Hartenberg Review 2011 – the first week

08. August, 2011

In July 30th the volunteer project Hartenberg Review 2011 which has aim to continue rebuilding of the castle Hartenberg and review the work of Hartenberg Academy 2011 started in Hrebeny .

Volunteering Academy starts its second half

16. July, 2011

International Volunteering Academy of Hartenberg begins its second half today. A series of lectures, workshops, individual work practices will be replaced by trips, relaxation and leisure time at the weekend.

Hartenberg Scare 2011 at the castle this Friday

19. June, 2011

The fourth-year Hartenberg Scaretrails in nature will be held this Friday, the 24th June, 2011 at the castle and surroundings. Teachers from ISSTE together with their students are preparing and adventurous journey of discovery for their smaller friends.

International volunteers summer begins

18. June, 2011

The first volunteers this summer, Seoyeon and Sehee from Korea, appeared at the gate of the castle courtyard on Saturday around lunchtime. Dog and cat family is greeted them in a Hartenberg way and the volunteering summer could begin.

Earth Day - children with gifts for the castle and a minor experiment

22. April, 2011

To celebrate the Earth Day, both pupils of the 9th class of the 6th School Švabinský Sokolov, and the Nursery School Vítězná came to the castle together. They made beautiful pictures and excellent stories for the International Volunteering Academy of Hartenberg.

International theatre festival with its new logo

16. March, 2011

II. International Theatre Festival in Hartenberg has a new logo. The festival including theatre workshops was held for the first time last year. The second year will take place this summer.

The castle and its history in a new, nearly finished book

11. February, 2011

The new book 'VIEWS IN THE HISTORY OF CITIES AND MUNICIPALITIES OF KRASLICE MICROREGION' will decorate desks of regional libraries and information centres around mid-April. Approx. 20 pages with accompanying photographs are about the castle and its history, which is the concluding chapter of the piece of work.

Were ore around Hartenberg extracted as far back as 1000 years ago?

10. February, 2011

A brief guidebook of mining history mentions in the chapter "Historicaly verified data" on the page 5 that already in 1034, there are known yields from pits near Hartenberg, north-west from Sokolov.... That would be a great surprise, indeed!

Archeological objects from the castle to see in the Regional Office

06. February, 2011

The exhibition of archaeological excavations of the castle is to see in the lobby of the Regional Office of the Karlovy Vary region from the beginning of February. Mgr. Jiří Klsák, a chief archaeologist to recent researches, is going to make a small guided tour on 17th February at 3:00 p.m.

The author of the fairy tale about a witch from Hartenberg is a volunteer!

04. February, 2011

Nicola Paulesu, an author of a story about a witch from Hartenberg, who published a book in Italy, was a volunteer who came years ago to help with its reconstruction of the castle. Romantic environment inspired him to write and release this fabulous book. Hopefully it will be soon online for everyone interested!

New bilingual castle newsletter HeART Echo just born

01. February, 2011

In these days, the first issue of new Czech-English castle newsletter has been born by the effort of volunteers from several countries. You can read it online! Or write to heartecho2011(at) to get a free copy.

Vesper came to the castle!

28. January, 2011

Friday's castle inventory of bats, which was done by the Agency for Nature Conservation and Landscape, overly pleased. Compared to the last year, there are several new species. Pozdná večernica is the Slovak name for the bat called Eptesicus serotinus.

A memory of Haradhan

23. January, 2011

In June this year, it will be three years when we welcomed a nice soul, baule Haradhan in the castle. We sat in a circle, listening to old Bengali songs, drinking tea and driving away cobras and tigers, which were supposed to be in the jungle around, of course. Today, our memories belong only to him.

Three kings holiday

06. January, 2011

As every year on the 6th of January, three kings and a small procession started their evening tour towards the castle to give their presents to Baby Jesus in a temporary "cave". After many decades, this tradition was renewed at the castle only a few years ago.

About never-ending friendship of Hartenberg and China

05. December, 2010

Xaoming Wang, a future Chinese journalist, helped already twice in Hartenberg. She participated in a project Castle Adventure, initiated and run by ISC MU Brno. She was excited and told about the culture events there and the castle itself to her grandfather Shang Zhongxin, and he decided to devote a unique present to Hartenberg.

St Nicholas hurried on a white horse as well as a beatiful steam

04. December, 2010

Two and a half thousand curious and uncertain souls gathered at the castle this weekend in order to convince themselves whether they had been good the last year, and nice, docile and receptive to people.

Czech Tourist Club not only learns, but also helps

17. October, 2010

Falling leaves, a mysterious fog in the valleys and along honking local train - that was a background scenery of an initial arrival of the new assistants in the castle. Czech Tourist Club - Union Cheb came not only learns, but also provides help.

Ghosts from three continents dominated Hartenberg

03. October, 2010

As many times before, there was fun as hell in the castle. Feasting, dancing, but mostly threatening. Who commited something bad before, he couldn't happily live any more.

China celebrated its holiday in Hartenberg

01. October, 2010

There is a new national stone in the holy chapel - this time of China. A little girl's hand put it down in Foundation Day of the People's Republic of China.