St. Nicholas Ride | Hartenberg

Different kinds of devils, evil ghosts and creatures from the underground take part in this traditional St. Nicholas' Ride every year. They will wait for visitors from our world to play dice or other games, in which they can compare their powers with terrestrials. They especially like to compete with the little ones, they test their qualities and characters. The most willful and disobedient children will be thrown into devil's sack and left to them for the next year to their service. That's the only way they may become better. On the contrary, all good visitors will be rewarded by angels. If visitors manage to go through the whole devil's path, they will meet St. Nicholas and his helpers with their pockets full of sweets and small rewards.

All the happenings will be accompanied by a diverse entertaining programme and barbecue in the castle and gypsies courtyards.

All of you are heartily invited to come and enjoy pre-Christmas atmosphere on the 30th of November.

Files to download

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